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7 Awesome Study Tips For College Students

This list is going to give you some awesome tips for studying in college and getting good grades. We all want to be on Dean’s List, this information will help you make it.

Switch Up Study Spaces

Many people will tell you that the only place that they can study is in the library. However, cognitive scientists suggest that alternating study spaces is a more effective way for you to retain information, according to the New York Times.

Your memory is colored by location and when you take the time to change your study location, you increase the likelihood of remembering what you’ve learned.

Study and Homework Groups

Study groups and homework groups are an extremely effective way to learn and remember information. It’s one of the top college studying tips that I can give you. The more people that you learn with, the more outlooks you have on a problem and the more creative the solution. It’s also an easy way to reduce your workload. If you work with a team, you can quiz each other and you will learn more effectively.

Make Flash Cards

Flash cards are one of the greatest studying inventions ever created. If you take the time to get creative with your flash cards, you will have a better chance of remembering the information. People remember best when colors and images are included, so if you use flash cards be sure to draw pictures and use colors. These are a great way to develop and use mnemonic devices and associative phrases.

Take Tests

Yes, tests suck. But they prove to be an effective studying tool. the New York Times reports that formal evaluations not only affirm your knowledge, but enhance it as well. If you work with a group, you can give each other tests. If you continue to test yourself, you will relearn and recall information better. Taking exams like this will get you better prepared for your final exams.


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of having a sharp mind. It’s also one of the greatest college studying tips. If you have a tired mind, you have a slow mind. When I started sleeping more, I noticed a boost in my GPA.

Don’t Categorize Yourself

Many times, students like you and I categorize ourselves as either visual or auditory learners and either left-brained or right-brained thinkers. Recent studies have shown that these distinctions aren’t as important as we once thought. If you feel that you can only learn through audio and don’t even try learning visually, you could be missing out on one of the best studying tips.

It’s also important to recognize that you aren’t left-brained or right-brained, but whole brained. It’s important to test out different studying styles to see which works best for you. After you learn what works best for you, you need to focus on this and try to spend your time studying this way for future tests.

Go to Class

Let’s face it, no one likes going to class. Freshman year I went to about 50% of my classes. This might seem like a fairly obvious tip, but sometimes early classes make them feel optional. They aren’t. You really need to go to class and pay attention. Grab a coffee before class if you need to make sure you are alert.

Your professors often tell you exactly what’s going to be on the test during these classes. This took me a while to realize, but your professors want you to be successful and do good in their classes. If you take the time to go to class and participate in class, you have a better chance of making dean’s list.