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How to Make a Deal Professionally

Every once in a while you’ll need to get rid of some extra junk around the house or just need to make some extra cash. Once you have found someone who is interested in checking out your item they’re most likely going looking to purchase it if everything goes well. Anyone with experience selling things on sites like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or the newer platform, LetGo will know meeting up to make a deal can be awkward and less than smooth. Sometimes meeting up even feels a little sketchy because you never know what to expect. In my own experience one of the biggest issues is that people don’t practice professional Craigslist etiquette.

Despite what you already know about what it is like to make sales in local internet marketplaces there are ways these transactions can run more smooth and be more professional for everyone’s benefit.

For starters, it seems that the people who seem sketchier to meet lack a couple skills. Number one, they don’t show themselves to be friendly through email and text. Words without a voice can be taken in so many ways especially the fewer the words you have to read from them. The second point is that when you meet these people they do not show any sign of friendliness like a simple smile or “how are you doing today?”. I know you’re not trying to make a friend (unless you’re these people) but for the sake of helping the person on the other end feel comfortable being friendly and not short worded over text and email and smiling and giving a how do yuh’ do when you meet will help wonders on both ends. In fact, why not a handshake?

Business professionals and sales experts alike have always used the handshake as a means of establishing report with each other and customers to make a better connection. Giving a nice firm handshake when you meet would also create a friendlier and respectable first impression with someone you are selling or buying from. Sales people always make sure to shake a customer’s hand when they meet because this increases the chance of making a sale since it begins a relationship and starts a more fluid and less awkward conversation. So when you meet up for the local deal be sure to shake that person’s hand because it can’t hurt and might help you. In addition, always handshake when a deal has been made to show your appreciation for their time even if you don’t manage to strike a deal in the end.

The last crucial piece of good craigslist etiquette is simple. Since cash is the standard for local resale it is important and respectful to count the dough in front of them! I can’t believe how many people have decided to buy something from me and just hands me a folded wad of cash. This is a classic way people commit scams! Once they place the money in your hand they walk off and by the time you count the money yourself to find it is less than you agreed on it is too late. Counting out the money if there is more than one bill is just common courtesy and insurance that everyone should practice even when paying cash in store.

As more practice and follow these simple rules when selling and buying on websites like craigslist the easier time everyone will have with these occasional interactions.