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Quick Freshman Tip

It’s that time of the year.

New college freshman is starting to move into their dorms which means it is time to get to learning again. The return each Fall can be bittersweet because this means that the responsibilities of being a hardworking student have returned such as deadlines, late nights, and exams but these are met with the wonderful experiences of the Fall. The excitement of the football season, meeting up with and making new friends, and not to forget, house party season. If you are attending a northern school then you also get the experience of seeing the trees change to unique shades of red, orange, and yellow while being able to crack out your sweaters and hoodies as the climate changes. These are only a few of the exciting things to look forward to this Fall.

The restful months of summer vacation are coming to a close so now it is time for college living. If you are an incoming freshman, you are going to have the time of your life even if the transition seems rough at first. I moved from Hawaii all the way to Colorado in my freshman year and had no idea how it would be to live away from home and family. The change from the islands to the mountains is extreme. Despite my anxiety and doubts about how it would turn out. I realized that I had overthought the negative aspects and neglected the positive parts of being a new student. I thought it would be difficult to make friends and adjust on my own but I found this thought to be wrong. People forget that a college campus is full of people that are in the exact same position as you. Most freshman would probably feel just as nervous as any other freshman student about school and building a friend group even if they do not show it. Not to mention the environment of a college campus is the most welcoming and diverse place you can experience.

Freshman year is a monumental stepping stone to your whole college career. It is a time where you have room to make mistakes and learn from them. It is a time where you will build some of your best memories. Most importantly, this experience is a time of self-discovery in who you are and what your interests are. Enjoy every day of your freshman year and experience as many new people, activities, and events as you possibly can. You will be surprised about how much you learn outside of the classroom.